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Everyone wants their surroundings to be as clean as possible, to welcome guests, provide a healthy space for your family, or to improve business productivity. But cleaning is time consuming and not always everyone’s favorite activity.

If that’s the case, let Ari’s House Cleaning in San Jose, CA take on the chores and keep your home or office in the pristine condition you deserve at prices you will welcome.

Our friendly, experienced, and reliable cleaning staff share our dedication to providing services that will exceed your expectations. We are known throughout the San Jose area for our careful attention to every slight detail, since we know it is the small things that can become large when you are living with them.

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What We Offer

Don’t get bogged down with house cleaning chores when you can let the pros from Ari’s House Cleaning handle it.


Our residential cleaning services are intended to take the hassle and time of household chores off your shoulders and give you the free time to enjoy your family and friends.


We have gained a reputation as a family-owned business that can take on the franchises in terms of service while thoroughly besting them in prices and service customization.